Snacks as starter can uplift the mood.

Give relief to your throat pep up the mood and give lot of nutrition.

Salads can be an  appetizer, a snack or a main course.

They give lot of nutrition to the body.

For beginners it’s a must try 

Heartfelt difference between hearing and tasting .

Once tasted Dil Mange More

Learn Restaurant kind Chinese Food

Satisfy crispy needs of the tongue.

Liked by all of  us specially teenagers
  Party Dishes

Party Food is must in the weekend. It satisfies your inner urge for tasty food.
  Paneer Specialities

Paneer is the Queen of Vegetarian Dishes. 

Learn mouthwatering varieties of Paneer to turn any dinner party into memorable evening.


Any important occasion be it a Birthday
Anniversary Or   Chirstmas is incomplete without Delicious Cake 
Learn the art of Baking Tea Time Cakes, Basic Cream Cakes, Cup Cakes, Glaze Cakes, Christmas Cake and Holi Special Cake.

Satisfy your Thirst, Refreshing to Eyes & 

 Deadly in taste.
  Ice Cream

Turn any occasion into a celebration with a delicious scoop of Ice cream

  Low Cal Cooking

Health is the true wealth. 

Remain healthy by eating nutritious food daily. 

Nutritious Food can be very tasty. Learn to believe it.
  Navratri Special

Navratri Special introduces you to steamed dumplings, falhari kormas upmas,chat different kinds of kheers and lot more so don’t miss it. 
  Advance Baking
This course includes chocolate cakes, stuffed Cupcakes, Fusion cakes and Fondant Toppings.

These are specialised Cakes.
  Biscuits and Cookies
Biscuits are loved by people of all age group. Learn the craft of making crispy and tender biscuits.
Muffins are small sweet round cakes that have fruit or bran on the side. Ideal for breakfast loved by everyone.

Enjoy them at any occasion.

They will uplift your mood.
  Veg Biryanis

Biryanis are a complete food. 

Enjoy them with Raita and chutnies.

They add extra spice to your life.

Any festival is incomplete without sweets.

Enjoy making your own mootichur ladoos or

gulabjamuns or jalebis and much more this season.

Chocolate Making Indulge in learning rich creamy soft sumptuous and money saving healthier chocolates
  Roti Nan & Parantha

We Indians can,t think of a meal without a Roti.

 But everyday eating  the same Dal Roti can be boring. 

Learn the Craft of   Making Masala Puris, Nan
Lacha Paranthas  & Lots More.
  Zero Oil Cooking
Zero Oil Cooking Zero Oil doesn't mean the end of fine food Learn zero oil cooking and say goodbye to your ailments and obesity
  Instant Gravy Premix
Learn the art of making different Gravy Premix which can be used for 6 months.
Its instant and very useful course for Indian cuisine lovers.

Sizzlers are ultimate food on earth .There are huge varities .

Learn the craft of your choice. One sizzlers tray take lot of time to prepare but its worth all the trouble taken.

A good meal should ideally climax with a sweet dish. 

This is one sin that sweet tooth lovers love to do.
  Bread making
Breads baking a bread is an art learn to make your own wheat bread making
Brown bread buns Italian bread and Much more